Adventure Works Australia emerged from a shared desire to support the safe and effective use of Bush Adventure Therapy across Australia. Through our work, we aim to provide greater access to BAT so that more people benefit from this distinctive healing approach. Read more...


Regenerate supports the recovery of women who have survived family violence, and addresses the traumatic impacts of family violence using Bush Adventure Therapy (BAT). Regenerate offers regular therapeutic components from which women and their children can ‘choose their own adventure’. BAT components include: two-hour adventure sessions; whole-day adventures; overnight adventure camps, and one-to-one counselling. Find out more...


This exploratory evaluation found Regenerate supports recovery across nine domains, with greatest gains in areas of safety, mental health and wellbeing, empowerment and self-esteem. Results also indicate progress in the area of financial independence, a possible by-product of gains made in other areas. Download Executive Summary Here

Adventure Works Australia Ltd and Adventure Works Pty Ltd

Adventure Works Australia Ltd (AWA) works in close partnership with Adventure Works Pty Ltd (AW). Together these entities provide a suite of services that support access to bush adventure therapy in Australia. AWA provide bush adventure therapy, outdoor counselling services and associated program evaluation. AW undertake research and evaluation projects, training, professional development, consultation and professional supervision services. AWA is a formally registered not-for-profit charity. AW is a for profit entity but operates on the principles of cost covering not profit making.