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What it is

Adventures 4 All is a Bush Adventure Therapy and Outdoor Counselling service for people from all walks of life. A4A offers individual, group and family sessions and tailors each session to the needs of those present. NDIS clients are welcomed.

The service taps into the known health benefits of supportive relationships, physical activity and contact with nature by providing active enjoyable experiences in outdoor spaces for people who want to grow, learn and feel alive.

As participants are ready, A4A can supports the formation of friendships and connections with each people involved in the service. If interested, participants can join the A4A community of adventurers.

The program

A4A offers a menu of engaging taster experiences as an opportunity for people to check out the service, staff and types of experience we offer. As participants grow in confidence and get a taste for adventure, they can choose higher levels of challenge, different activities, new places, or more intensive experiences.

  • One to one. These experiences are facilitated by 1 practitioner for 1 participant.
  • Two to one. These experiences are facilitated by 2 practitioners for 1 participant.
  • One to two. These experiences are facilitated by 1 practitioner for 2 participants.
  • Family groups. These experiences are facilitated by 2 practitioners for 2 or more family members.
  • Small groups. These experiences are facilitated by 2 practitioners for small groups 2 to 4 people.
  • Community groups. As participants are ready to be amongst larger groups of people, they can join experiences that are facilitated by 2 or 3 practitioners for groups 4 to 12 people.


Children under 10 years of age are welcome to attend any or all sessions with their parent/kin/carer/guardian.

Reunion days

In addition to providing sessions and programs, A4A facilitates ‘Reunion lunches’ FREE of charge for all current and past participants every 2 months. This is to support the continuation of friendships and connections made through involvement in A4A, and to fire a spirit of adventure within the A4A community.

Who we are

A4A is delivered by Adventure Works Australia Ltd in partnership with other community organisations. Adventure Works is a not-for-profit charitable organisation.

Adventure Works directors have a long history of providing nature-based experiences to help build health and wellbeing and facilitate healing with a range of target groups. This program is informed by research and practice experience, and is designed to activate the known benefits of social connection, nature contact, physical activity and intentional conversations for people who want adventure and like to be challenged.