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Cancer Support Programs

Bush Adventure Therapy (BAT) is a holistic approach to human health and wellbeing for individuals, couples, families and groups of all ages and stages of life.

BAT combines an intentional use of nature contact and physical activity within a tailored adventure experience to enhance peoples’ energy, vitality and motivation for life.

In our cancer support programs we offer BAT as an adjunct to medical treatment for cancer and chronic illness.

Integrated supports

Bush. We tap into the known health benefits of human contact with nature. Participants can choose from local, remote or fully wild nature experiences.

Adventure. Physical activity comes in many shapes and sizes. Depending on fitness and headspace, participants can choose light, moderate or demanding outdoor activities.

Therapy. All of our programs offer opportunities for personal reflection and growth and are surrounded by a holistic safetynet. Participants are invited to challenge their mind, body and spirit.

Healthy living. As a matter of course, all of our programs come with nutritious food, nurturing relationships and opportunities for creative expression.

Extras. If in need of more specific support, participants can choose to add a range of integrative therapies to their BAT experience, including mindfulness techniques, counselling and yoga.

Support options


We shape BAT experiences for the needs of individuals and the group.

Participants can choose their own adventure from a list of exciting options:

  • bushwalking
  • canoeing
  • kayaking
  • rafting
  • abseiling
  • rock climbing
  • caving
  • surfing
  • other.


To cater for varying amounts of time and energy, we offer seven levels of participation:

  • Two hour
  • Half day
  • Whole day
  • Two days
  • Three days
  • Five days
  • Ten days


Understanding that energy levels come and go, we offer three levels of physical difficulty:

  • Light – low levels of physical challenge
  • Active – moderate levels of physical challenge
  • Demanding – high levels of physical challenge


Based on time and desire, we offer a range of locations:

  • Local – if time is short, we can stay within 30kms of Hobart airport
  • Remote – within 100kms from Hobart airport
  • Wilderness – if time allows, we can travel deep into Tasmania’s wilderness (over 200kms from Hobart airport).


Good food is integral to every BAT experience. We offer fully catered experiences through to self-catered experiences and everything in between.

We also offer healthy nutritious cooking sessions where we practice creating simple nutritious meals together.


Because participants have varying needs for rest and comfort, we offer three types of accommodation:

  • Bed & Breakfast style accommodation
  • Cabin style accommodation
  • Tent style accommodation

BAT Program Costs

BAT Programs


(Max. 10 people)


(Max. 5 people)

Solo (Individual)

Two hours

$150/ person

$550/ family


Half day

$250/ person

$950/ family


Whole day

$450/  person

$1700/ family


Two days

(1 night)

$950/ person

$3500/ family


Three days

(2 nights)

$1400/ person

$5400/ family


Five days

(4 nights)

$2350/ person

$9000/ family


Ten days

(9 nights)

$4400/ person

$17,000/ family


* These prices include Base Camp accommodation, Local outdoor venues and full catering. More tailored rates can be developed based on your needs and hopes.

Extra support:

Mindfulness techniques $100/ 2 hours
One to one Counselling $150/ 1.5 hours
Yoga techniques $150/ 2 hours

[These prices valid until January 2016]

Autmun Retreat Dates for 2015

3-day Program 1: 18-20 April 2015

3-day Program 2: 25-27 April 2015


Please Contact Pete at Adventure Works: [email protected]