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Complaints, Concerns, Comments or Feedback

We value open conversation, communication and feedback about how we are doing our work. If you have something that you would like to share, we encourage you to get in touch with us directly by calling or making a time to meet. We also know that sometimes you might want to provide written or more formal feedback. On this page there are links for any of these options.

Things to know!

If you provide us with critical feedback or a formal complaint:

We will listen carefully.

Treat you with respect at all times.

Take your feedback or complaint seriously.

Work with you to follow the issue through to resolution.

Call us

You can talk to us about any matter related to our work. A question, concern, complaint or just some feedback. We know this will help keep us improving our services.

Ph: +61 3 7019 2396

Meet with us

Would you like to meet us in person or virtually to discuss something?

Use this online booking form to schedule a meeting.

Book a meeting

send feedback

Prefer to send us some written feedback?

Use this form to send us your written comments, concerns or feedback.

Send feedback

Lodge a complaint

Have you seen or experienced something related to our work that you are concerned about? We want to know! While we prefer a call, we know that sometimes it is important to lodge a complaint.

Lodge a complaint

If you call us or write to us this is who you will speak to: