Daniel Bowen

Daniel grew up on a cotton farm 20km north-west of Bourke, NSW, considered the ‘gateway to the outback’. Having spent his foundational years in the outback, he developed a longing for adventure and an appreciation of the beauty and freedom of the bush.

Since completing high school Daniel has had a strong interest in understanding human behaviour and helping others to achieve their full potential. Over the last 15 years Daniel has gained training and experience in the teaching, counselling, youth work, outdoor recreation and research sectors. In these sectors, he has worked with children, teenagers, adults and families, in both paid and voluntary positions.

Daniel is currently completing a PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Canberra, whilst working part-time as a Psychologist in private practice. Daniel’s PhD focuses on the effectiveness of adventure therapy programs in Australia. Through the completion of academic training and multiple research projects, Daniel has demonstrated a commitment to developing and utilising advanced knowledge and skills in quantitative, qualitative and mixed method research design, implementation, analysis, interpretation and reporting.

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