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Online information sessions: February 7th, 5-6pm (RSVP hereor February 21st, 5-6pm (RSVP here)

6-week program: February 28th – April 3rd 9:30am – 1pm every Wednesday.

Take a breath, notice, and (re)connect with the wisdom of earth. Spend time with the beauty and strength of kunanyi, and be part of a therapeutic circle that allows your inner journey to unfold exactly as it needs to.

Throughout the program Moran will hold space for your journey, and offer practices like earth meditations, embodied/somatic prompts, creativity through sound, words and play (including with the harp and flute), and circle ceremony. This is all while being held by the waterfalls, trees, and dolerite rocks of kunanyi.

Curious to learn more?

Get in touch:

Moran is an earth-based counsellor, harp/flute sound therapist, and performance poet.

More about Earth Connections

Earth Connections is a community circle group, where we can slow down, notice, and re-remember our relationships with the web of life.

We consciously use our bodies and all our senses, through earth-based meditations, joyful play, and deep collective listening.

Throughout the sessions, Moran draws on sound (harp & flute) therapy and eco-poetry offerings to help us become fully present.

Earth Connections creates space for honouring the full spectrum of emotional experiences that can arise when we intentionally step into nature in a safe group setting.

Earth Connections sessions are designed to spark your imagination, offer hope, and provide the wonderous perspectives nature can offer us.

We know that connection with the natural world increases overall wellbeing and happiness. Sometimes, we might just need the prompt that Earth Connections offers to connect with the complex beauty all around us!

Location and transport

Every week we will meet in a central nipaluna/Hobart city location, where Moran will drive us in a bus up to kunanyi. Over the 6 weeks we’ll explore different locations around the mountain, depending on the group and the weather. Some options might include waterfalls on the lower mountains, dolerite-rock trails, and snow-gum trees.

Who is this for?

Anyone who is interested!* Maybe this sounds like a new experience, and you’re a little bit curious. Maybe you love spending time outside, walking or being quiet. Or maybe you love to move and create. However you come to this is perfect!!

Earth Connections can be of therapeutic benefit to people experiencing a rough mental health time, people looking for some rejuvenating respite from their week, and people seeking to form more group connections.

Our group size will be a maximum of 6 people, plus Moran.

We will be outside, sometimes walking on and/or moving through rough trails.

We will run the group in most weather conditions, so come prepared for some wet weather – but we can also find and make shelter along the way!

We will be engaging with each other as a group, through words, sound, and movement.

* Being outdoors, and in a group setting, this program may not be for everyone. However, if you are interested, we will do what we can to make it possible for you to participate. In addition, if you would like, or need, to bring someone to support your participation, it is possible. Just discuss this with us before the program begins.

If you would like to hear more information about whether this program is the right fit for your access needs, please get in touch!

What will I need to bring?

To ensure we have a safe and rewarding experience we ask that you bring the following:

Adventure Works can provide some of the outdoor gear in this list if you don’t have it yourself.

  • Yourself, exactly as you are
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks – enough to keep your energy up outside over three hours
  • Sturdy walking shoes – runners are OK but stiffer soles will give more ankle support over rough terrain
  • Clothes suitable for outdoor walking (Adventure Works can provide)
    • e.g. layers of warm clothes. Cotton keeps you cold and wet, while woollens/synthetics keep you warm and drier.
  • Waterproof rain coat & waterproof over-pants (Adventure Works can provide)
  • Beanie and gloves (Adventure Works can provide)
  • Sun hat / sunscreen / sunglasses – the UV in the Tassie mountains is very intense (Adventure Works can provide)
  • Day pack/ comfortable bag to carry snacks in (Adventure Works can provide)
  • Personal medication as required, including asthma puffer if prescribed


  • Walking poles, knee braces, and other assisting devices are welcomed if needed!
  • A journal for reflections afterwards, or other creative integration tool

What does the program cost?

This program is provided as a package of six sequenced half day therapeutic support sessions. The total cost to participants is yet to be finalised. We are currently inviting expressions of interest to participate and will advise on the cost as soon as possible.

NDIS Participants

NDIS participants are able to incorporate the cost of the program into their support plans. We will work with individual participants and their support coordinators to work out the most appropriate avenue for this. Get in touch with us to find out more information regarding price and NDIS codes.

Why Earth Connections and Outdoor Therapy?

Research suggests that across our society more and more people are feeling isolated from each other and the places we live, often with far-reaching health consequences. We have found that intentionally spending time in nature provides a space for re-connection, growth and healing. 

The outdoors provides an incredible depth of therapeutic benefits. Earth Connections can help foster safe, healthy relationships and connections with the natural world, and other participants. These relationships can provide strength, support, and a sense of cohesion within self and our intentions in life. Connection through mindfulness and creativity offers possibilities of relaxation and respite from our daily lives, as well as helping us recognise and create a healthier path through our current situation or difficulty.

More about Moran, the facilitation team and AWA

Moran is a counsellor and ecotherapist, passionate about creating heartfelt, joyful group spaces. They offer earth connection workshops, immersions, and individual therapy sessions around lutruwita/Tasmania to people of all ages. Moran is also a sound therapist (playing the harp and flute), a performance poet, and a storyteller, and loves weaving their creative practice into their therapeutic offerings. They are passionate about journeying wherever we need to go to remember our most whole selves.

Adventure Works operates from a health governance model where the organisation’s directors, and management employees have relevant health and therapeutic qualifications and experience and provide clinical practice supervision to employees engaged in service delivery.

Adventure Works provides a suite of Outdoor Health services in Australia including Bush Adventure Therapy (BAT), Outdoor Therapy and Outdoor Counselling

Services include:

  • Bush Adventure Therapy programs, Outdoor Therapy and Outdoor Counselling for people from all walks of life
  • Training and Supervision for people working in diverse human service settings
  • Research and Program evaluations for organisations delivering innovative programs and services
  • Partnerships with individuals and groups who wish to collaborate on any project, program or idea.

Adventure Works is operated by a small group of passionate and highly skilled people. The organisation emerged from a shared desire to increase the range of high quality BAT programs on offer around Australia. We aim to provide greater access to BAT and Outdoor Therapy so that more people benefit from this distinctive healing approach.

Adventure Works delivers BAT programs, Outdoor Therapy and Outdoor Counselling counselling services at cost-covering rates. Like other social enterprises, profits drawn from our other service areas are directed towards increasing access to BAT and counselling services for people on low incomes.

Adventure Works supports the safe and effective use of BAT across Australia through our own work and through our membership of the national body for this field of practice in Australia, the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy Inc. (AABAT) and support of the emerging Outdoor Health Sector.

In collaboration with other agencies, businesses and organisations, Adventure Works seeks to support the professionalisation of Bush Adventure Therapy and Outdoor Health practices in Australia. We openly encourage people to ask us about our work, including our practices, theories, outcomes and the evidence behind what we do.