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Do you want to provide therapeutic experiences for people in natural environments?

This practitioner training course will help you build or consolidate your Outdoor & Adventure Therapy Practice Framework and ready you to provide therapeutic experiences outdoors for people from all walks of life. The immersion and training program are grounded in Aboriginal ways of relating with Country. Cultural input from Aboriginal participants is welcomed.

This course is designed for trained Psychologists, Social Workers, Therapists, Counsellors as well as people from other professional backgrounds. All participants are invited to bring their experience and knowing, along with open minds and space not-knowing. The course will build on your existing knowledges and skills, and help consolidate your foundational values, ethics and competencies. We look forward to the rich cross-fertilisation of ideas and insights to practice this course brings.

COURSE DATES: Online connections begin Thurs 7th March and close Thurs 9th May 2024

4-DAY IMMERSION: Thursday to Sunday, 4th to 7th April 2024

LOCATION: Online and in-person (in Tasmania, East coast)

FEE: $2300 + GST

Fee includes: Aboriginal cultural mentorship, Course Book, 2 x individual sessions, 4 x online sessions, 4-day bush immersion and integration materials and food throughout the immersion. Fee does not include transport to/from the venue.

Note: Completion of this course is a pre-requisite for entry to the “Certificate of Outdoor or Adventure Therapy Competency” short course.

Outdoor Therapy and Bush Adventure Therapy are part of the emerging Outdoor Health sector in Australia, along with other evidence-informed nature-based health practices like Outdoor Counselling, Animal assisted therapies and Ecotherapy (to name a few).

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1: Wednesday Dec 13th at 12:00PM

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2: Thursday 14th Dec at 7:00PM

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3: Thursday 18th Jan at 12:00PM

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This course provides an online and experiential introduction to Outdoor & Adventure Therapy for trained counsellors, psychologists, social workers and people with other backgrounds. It is a cross-disciplinary training program, offering a progression of knowledge and skills, practical experiences, and opportunities to develop therapeutic practice in a supportive environment. Aboriginal cultural leaders and participants will help to ground us in Country and guide our learnings.


A lead-in Information session, Individual planning session, and 2 x online group sessions will prepare us to make the most of our 4 days together. The 4-day immersion includes cultural grounding, experiential learning, and reflective processes to build confidence and skills in working therapeutically with individuals and groups, in and with nature. Follow-on sessions translate lessons learned into a personal Outdoor & Adventure Therapy Practice Framework. Supervision supports the establishment of effective practices in your chosen context.

This is a cross-disciplinary course. We look forward to rich cross-fertilisation.

All participants will benefit from having completed a First aid course, a Psychological first aid course and Cultural Awareness Training (or equivalent) prior to commencement of this Foundational course.


This introductory course has been collaborative designed by a cross-disciplinary team of trained outdoor and adventure therapists, and Aboriginal cultural practitioners.

Course Schedule


Date & time



One to one planning

Book a time (60 mins) 

Individual planning session   

Online or in-person

Course Introductions

Thurs 7th March


Group session 1 


Immersion Planning

Thurs 21st March


Group session 2


4-day Residential Immersion

Day 1 – Thurs 4th April 

Grounding in the Cultural landscape   

In-person –

East coast Tasmania

4-day Residential Immersion

Day 2 – Friday 5th April

O&AT Foundations 

In-person –

East coast Tasmania

4-day Residential Immersion

Day 3 – Sat 6th April

O&AT in Action 

In-person –

East coast Tasmania

4-day residential Immersion

Day 4 – Sun 7th April 

O&AT Practice Framework  

In-person –

East coast Tasmania 

One to one review

Book a time (60 mins) 

Individual review session  

Online or in-person

Course Integrations

Wednesday 24th April


Group session 3  


Final Session

Thurs 7th May


Group session 4