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More information about BAT Programs

Taster Days

We offer an opportunity for people to come and try a Bush Adventure Therapy experience. Taster Days are currently being offered for young people living with disabilities in Tasmania.

Weekend Walkshops

We offer adventurous weekends away for adults who want to take time out, reflect on life and make some changes. We run one of these each year in Victoria and Tasmania, and upon request.

BAT Courses

We design courses to build people’s skills and confidence over time. Courses vary in length and intensity, and challenge participants in areas of their lives that are ready to be stretched. Sequential in nature, BAT courses may involve participants developing an outdoor skill, such as canoeing or rock climbing, but the activities are not an end in themselves. They are used as a medium within which participants learn a range of other skills useful for life, such as personal confidence, motivation, social skills, physical fitness, recreational competence or interest in a vocational pursuit.

BAT Expeditions

We offer transformational journeys of body, mind and spirit. These experiences are not for the faint hearted – they are designed for those who want to make significant changes in their life. We offer one expedition each year at varying locations.


*Like other therapy and counselling professionals we maintain a duty of care, which means we will report risks of harm.