Nicolette Kolozsi

Nicolette Kolozsi

Position: BAT Practitioner
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I have always been drawn to the natural environment and I regularly partner with nature and wilderness based activities as a means of grounding myself.

Moving to Northern California in the 90’s I was able to turn my passion of the outdoors into a career working as a wilderness camp director. During this time I continued to pursue my love of the outdoors by hiking and climbing in some of the most spectacular national parks.

Even after moving back to Australia, my adventures continued hiking in Nepal and summiting a number of peaks in the southern island of New Zealand.

Over the years I have designed, developed and delivered a number of character development and leadership adventure based camps for communities in developing countries. This has brought me alongside the most beautiful and kind hearted people, travelling on dirt paths together is a privilege I hold very close to my heart.

All this has led me to where I am now, in a space to support people in an environment that I love, doing things that I have a passion for.