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What we do


Adventure Works provides a suite of Bush Adventure Therapy (BAT), Outdoor Therapy and Outdoor Counselling services in Australia. Services include:

  • Bush Adventure Therapy programs, Outdoor Therapy and Outdoor Counselling for people from all walks of life
  • Training and Supervision for people working in diverse human service settings
  • Research and Program evaluations for organisations delivering innovative programs and services
  • Partnerships with individuals and groups who wish to collaborate on any project, program or idea.

Adventure Works is operated by a small group of passionate and highly skilled people. The organisation emerged from a shared desire to increase the range of high quality BAT programs on offer around Australia. We aim to provide greater access to BAT and Outdoor Therapy so that more people benefit from this distinctive healing approach.

Adventure Works delivers BAT programs, Outdoor Therapy and Outdoor Counselling counselling services at cost-covering rates. Like other social enterprises, profits drawn from our other service areas are directed towards increasing access to BAT and counselling services for people on low incomes.

Adventure Works supports the safe and effective use of BAT across Australia through our own work and through our membership of the national body for this field of practice in Australia, the Australian Association for Bush Adventure Therapy Inc. (AABAT) and support of the emerging Outdoor Health Sector.

In collaboration with other agencies, businesses and organisations, Adventure Works seeks to support the professionalisation of Bush Adventure Therapy and Outdoor Health practices in Australia. We openly encourage people to ask us about our work, including our practices, theories, outcomes and the evidence behind what we do.

Bush Adventure Therapy

Bush Adventure Therapy is a holistic approach to human health and wellbeing. Undertaking adventure in a natural environment within a safe small group offers a unique therapeutic milieu. When such experiences are personally chosen and individually tailored, the therapeutic potential is magnified. We’ve also found that natural environments offer a unique setting for intentional conversations and the gaining of helpful insights. Our BAT programs and Bush Counselling services are delivered by people trained in narrative therapy, family therapy, outdoor education and leadership. Our common aim across these mediums is to invite participants to reflect, act and relate in new, preferred ways. People from all walks of life find Bush Adventure Therapy seriously good!

These unique therapeutic environments support recovery and healing from a broad range of difficult life circumstances. Our work to date has contributed to a body of evidence suggesting that when a comprehensive safety net is in place, participants gain enhanced health and wellbeing across physical, mental, social, behavioural, environmental and economic domains. It’s only natural!

For more information about research and evaluation relating to Bush Adventure Therapy in Australia, check out AABAT’s Research Page.

For research evidence relating to bush adventure therapy, wilderness therapy, adventure therapy, and outdoor education, check out Daniel Bowen’s Meta Analysis.

For information about all kinds of outdoor education research and evaluation, visit James Neill’s Outdoor Education & Evaluation Centre.