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What you can expect when partnering with us

To maximise the effectiveness of BAT experiences, Adventure Works staff work with partners to plan effective introductory and ending experiences alongside careful planning of the central program, whether the program be long or short, local or remote, with a small or large group, of high or low challenge.

In designing a safe and effective BAT experience, where possible we will work with partners to:

  • Identify hopes and intentions of participants
  • Consider group needs and hopes
  • Identify program opportunities and constraints
  • Involve participants in shaping the experience
  • Plan an appropriate closure or follow-up process
  • Plan for the inclusion of family or significant others within the program
  • Develop a comprehensive safety net and risk management plan.
  • Plan for the confidential management of participant information and documentation
  • Complete risk management processes and documentation
  • Undertake a program evaluation

We are currently developing a Community Programs Handbook. Please contact Adventure Works if you would like to receive an electronic copy.