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Therapeutic programs and counselling support

Bush Adventure Therapy Programs

We design and deliver restorative BAT experiences for young people, adults and families. Participants may be able to identify personal problems and areas of their life they aren’t happy with, like ill health, disability, substance misuse, relationship breakdowns and rocky transitions; however, BAT programs operate from a strength-based approach. This means we focus on building the positives and supporting changes people want to make. We find that natural environments offer a reflective space, and physical adventures help people to discover personal insights.

BAT programs currently delivered by the Adventure Works team

“Adventures For All (A4A)” – a year-round calendar of BAT experiences for adults living with disabilities in Tasmania and their families. [A partnership program with Langford Disability Services funded through individual NDIS brokerage funds]. A4A video

“Our Way” – a six-month BAT program for Tasmanian Aboriginal Men. [Funded through Partners in Recovery]. Find out more

Tailored BAT programs and services

Adventure Works offers group-based BAT programs for individuals, and programs for groups in partnership with agencies. Programs range form short ‘taster’ experiences to sequential programs, and multi-day expeditions. Contact¬†Adventure Works for information on upcoming programs.

Taster Days – an opportunity for people to come and try a Bush Adventure Therapy experience.

Weekend Walkshops – adventurous weekends for people who want to take time out, reflect on life, and make some changes.

Cancer Support Programs – a supportive and invigorating adjunct to medical treatment for cancer and chronic illness.

BAT Courses – designed to build skills and confidence over time, courses vary in length and intensity. Participants direct their own learning.

BAT Expeditions – transformational journeys of body, mind and spirit, these experiences are for those who want to make significant changes in their life.

Outdoor Counselling

If you want to talk but need more than an hour and don’t want to talk inside four walls, Outdoor Counselling may be for you. We’ve found that reflective and constructive conversations happen naturally when people undertake gentle physical activity out-of-doors. Outdoor counselling is accessible to people of all physical abilities.

Adventure Works offers Outdoor Counselling for individuals, couples and families. Outdoor Counselling is available for 1-hour, 2-hours, half-day, one-day and two-day sessions (including overnight). Participants can choose from a range of gentle outdoor activities. Contact Adventure Works to see if Outdoor Counselling is available near you.

Walk n Talk – talk while walking or walk to a place that helps the conversation flow. The rhythm of walking punctuates a conversation with silence, yet keeps the conversation moving.

Fish n Talk – talk while fishing or use fishing as a way of talking about life. The focus of fishing helps direct a conversation towards the thing a participant wants to catch hold of.

Paddle n Talk – talk while canoeing or kayaking, or let a river do the talking for you. The flow of a river helps to ease a situation and help a dilemma move towards resolution.

Labyrinth n Talk – walk a labyrinth, then talk about insights gained. This meditative walk helps ideas to crystalise and clarity to emerge.